Camera ready Makeup For Men

One thing I enjoy about being on set is when I have the opportunity to get men camera ready. Most actors are use to being painted and powdered but occasionally I get an actor who is new to the scene. I was thinking it would be a good idea for me to share some tips for actors regarding what is needed and what they should be doing at home. 
First the actor needs to have a good skincare routine at home. Most ladies know this by now but I'm finding most of the actors are still unaware. The makeup that a makeup artist applies will only do so much if the skin has been neglected or dehydrated. 

What an actor needs to be camera ready:

-use a daily face cleaner at home(Not a regular bar of soap)
-Use a daily moisturizer with at least spf 30
-come to set with a clean and moisturized face to set unless instructed to do otherwise by the Key makeup artist or the department head.
-use carmex or vaseline daily on your lips
-makeup sure your hair is also freshly washed with a clarifying shampoo
-use a mask at home once a week
-take a trip to ulta or sephora to find your go to skincare line

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